Stratus Development Partners, LLC ("Stratus") is a full-service real estate firm.  Together the highly talented team of principals encompass over 47- years of institutional development experience in origination, entitlement, repositioning and lease up focused on value-added strategic acquisitions and innovative developments.  Over the last 15 years, Stratus' principals have successfully entitled, developed, built, renovated and redeveloped over 26 communities representing 2,771 units in core markets of Southern California.  In addition, management has leased up over 7.2 million sq. ft. of commercial and multifamily projects.


Our Investment Strategy

Stratus Development Partners investment strategy is based on identifying well-located institutional-quality under performing properties and or opportunities that require active management to improve and correct tenancy, physical attributes, financing structure, market positioning and/or management. By employing intensive active management to correct and improve all identified community inefficiencies, the communities subsequently benefit greatly with improved cash flow and valuations.